June 17, 2024
Google Pixel 8 family

Google is finally making its Gemini Nano AI model available to Pixel 8 and 8a users after teasing it in March. The June Pixel drop will allow users to access the model as a developer option. Apart from that, the feature drop includes Display Port connectivity support for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a, reverse phone number lookup for unknown numbers, fall and crash detection for Pixel Watch 2, and doorbell notifications on the Pixel tablet.

Pixel phone updates

The Gemini Nano model will enable detailed summaries of transcriptions in the Recorder app. Besides this, the company didn’t expand on what kind of features the AI model would enable.

Image Credits: Google

The recorder app now supports the detection of speaker names and the ability to export transcripts to text files or Google Docs on Pixel 6 or newer.

Other useful updates in this Pixel drop include support for the Display Port standard through the device’s USB-C port, enabling you to watch content on a bigger screen. The update also brings reverse phone number lookup, which lets you search for unknown numbers from the call log. It’s not clear if Google is using its Caller ID database or another third-party database. Notably, apps like Truecaller already offer reverse lookup and can integrate with dialer as well to show live caller ID.

Image Credits: Google

On the Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and 8a, the Find My Device feature will now work even when your phone is discharged. The company said the app can locate a switched-off device for at least 23 hours.

The update brings manual lens picking in the camera to the Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and Pixel Fold. The feature was available on the Pixel 8 Pro already. If this setting is turned off, the camera automatically picks a lens based on focused objects in the frame.

Image Credits: Google

Google is updating HDR+ photo support on Pixel 6 and newer devices to automatically detect the best shot when you press the shutter button.

Pixel Watch

The newest Pixel drop brings car crash detection to the Pixel Watch 2. If the watch understands that you were involved in a severe crash, it will notify your emergency contacts with your location details through the Emergency Sharing feature. Plus, the update also detects falls from bicycles.

Image Credits: Google

Google is also introducing a redesigned Home app on the Wear OS for all watches running Wear OS 3 or newer. The app will let you access your favorite smart devices with just a swipe. When you tap on the device icon to open the Home app, you can adjust the temperature of your house or dim the lights from your watch.

Image Credits: Google

What’s more, you can add the most frequently accessed devices directly to the watch face on Wear OS. The update also lets you adjust the rotation of your blinds or control the fan speed.

Image Credits: Google

Other updates

The Pixel tablet is getting an updated doorbell notification with a snapshot of who is at the door. You can start talking with them or send a quick response directly from the notification.

Image Credits: Google

Google is also adding the Google Home Favorites widget to all devices running Android 12 or later. The widget lets you access your smart home devices and control them in just a few taps.

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