July 19, 2024
Singapore-based fintech Xalts acquires digital trade platform Contour Network | TechCrunch

It’s going to be a big week! Tech earnings are coming up, the EV wars are on (and how!), and it feels like venture capital has its head in the clouds. All that adds up to one packed Equity episode!

Today, we dug into the latest markets news, including upcoming earnings, IPOs, and what impact — if any — the bitcoin halving has had on the value of the cryptocurrency.

We also had two new venture capital funds to discuss: A new vehicle from Seraphim focused on space, and TLcom Capital’s new Africa-focused fund. From there, it was time to chat EVs and what impact recent price cuts are having on the value of EV companies.

To close out, we dug into the emerging startup cluster in vector databases and search. In short, normal databases are hot garbage when it comes to the sort of queries we need for AI, but vector search is pretty good at it. Enter startups, venture capital and the biggest tech companies. May the startups win.

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