July 19, 2024

Amazon Bedrock, the tech giant’s platform for building generative AI applications, has added Mistral Large, the latest and most advanced Large Language Model (LLM) of Mistral AI, to its service.

The Paris-based startup released the model in February, boasting its top-tier reasoning capabilities. Mistral Large is also proficient in code, text, and mathematics. It’s fluent in five languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italia.

The move follows the addition of Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8x7B on Amazon Bedrock last month, placing the startup’s LLMs next to models of heavyweights such as Meta, Anthropic, and Stability AI.

Mistral’s three models are now available to customers in France as well as the North Virginia and Oregon regions in the US.

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“Our mission is to make frontier AI ubiquitous, and to achieve this mission, we want to collaborate with the world’s leading cloud provider to distribute our top-tier models,” Arthur Mensch, CEO of Mistral AI, said in a statement.

As part of the partnership, the startup will use Amazon’s Trainium and Inferentia AI chips for the future foundation models it will build and deploy on Bedrock.

Bringing Europe’s AI to the fore

Mistral’s partnership with Amazon (and Microsoft in February) firmly positions the young startup on the global AI stage, bringing the EU’s emerging but fast-growing LLM ecosystem under the spotlight.

The one-year old startup has so far witnessed exponential growth. Last June, it raised €105mn in Europe’s largest-ever seed round. In December, the company reached unicorn status following a €450mn investment.

Alongside Germany’s Aleph Alpha and Helsinki-based Silo AI, Mistral is one of the main European players building advanced LLMs. Unlike their counterparts in the US, all three companies are offering their models as open-source tools, creating a path for decentralised, community-based AI development.

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