July 13, 2024
Roblox's new AI features reduce the time it takes to create avatars and 3D models

Roblox is introducing two new AI technologies to reduce the time it takes to create avatars and 3D models, the company announced on Monday. The technologies, which were built on Roblox artificial intelligence, are designed to help creators eliminate time-consuming avatar setup and texturing steps when building content on the Roblox platform.

The first feature is called “Avatar Auto Setup” and simplifies the process of creating avatars by automatically converting a 3D body mesh into a live, animated avatar that is ready for users to adopt. Once a creator select the new feature, Roblox will run a number of tests over an asset and automatically rig, cage, segment and skin 3D models. The auto setup maps where the avatar’s different body parts are to add clothing, and then maps its facial features to add facial animation. The avatar can then begin animating and interacting with the environment around it.

Roblox says the Avatar Auto Setup will enable creators to complete a process that traditionally takes days in just a few minutes.

Image Credits: Roblox

The second feature is called “Texture Generator,” and it enables creators to quickly change the look of 3D objects using plain language text prompts. Creators can use the feature to quickly prototype new looks and bring new textures to life. It maps the object and adds a three dimensional texture on top of it that matches the geometry of the object.

For example, you can enter a text prompt to create texture for a 3D wooden treasure chest. The generator would then create a texture that accentuates the chest’s sharp corners and add on additional elements like wooden planks and a lock. Or you could ask the feature to generate the look of a red weathered leather backpack, after which it will produce a fully 3D texture over the asset.

Roblox says this process normally takes hours or days for an artist to complete. With Texture Generator, Roblox is enabling creators to do the same thing within 15 to 30 seconds.

Image Credits: Roblox

A creator could also use the feature to easily generate multiple versions of an object in different colors or textures. For instance, you could take one model of a trophy and then generate one in gold, silver and bronze.

After a 3D object is generated, you can choose to save it and apply it. If you don’t like what it generated, you get to try again and produce a new result.

“Our new AI technologies help anyone from an indie developer to a professional game studio quickly create rich, compelling content on the Roblox platform – getting them from idea to shared reality, faster than ever,” said Nick Tornow, vice president of creator engineering at Roblox, in a press release. With these tools, creators can focus on creative ideation and less on implementation, enhancing their experiences to grow engagement—and ultimately, their businesses.”

Avatar Auto-Setup is available in alpha, and Texture Generator is available in a public beta and can be accessed in Roblox Studio.

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