June 19, 2024
Amazon now lets sellers create listings through a URL by using AI

Amazon launched generative AI-powered features last year to help sellers quickly create listings by entering just a few words about the product. The company is now making it easier for sellers to create listings if an item is already listed on their website.

The e-commerce giant’s new tool uses AI to parse details from an item’s URL on another site and create an Amazon listing. The feature is rolling out in English to sellers in the U.S.

“In addition to using sparse amounts of text or an image to generate listings, we are now launching the ability for sellers to simply leverage their existing listings by just providing Amazon with a URL, which is automatically parsed by our generative AI-based features, to seamlessly create high-quality, engaging listings for Amazon’s store,” the company said on its blog.

Last October, Amazon rolled out a tool for advertisers to generate background through text prompts. At that time, the company said a contextual background to an item could generate a 40% more click-through rate as compared to a white background.

In the latest announcement, Amazon said more than 100,000 sellers have tried generative AI tools. The more interesting stat the company mentioned was that 80% of the time sellers accept suggestions from AI-powered tools.

Other companies have also dabbled into AI-powered tools related to products for advertisers and retailers. Last year, Google launched a tool related to product imaginary and eBay introduced a feature that generated listings from product images. Earlier this year, Shopify rolled out its own AI-powered image editor for products.

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