July 12, 2024

Helixx has unveiled the first demonstrator vehicle from the startup’s “factory in a box” system.

The commercial delivery van was built to validate a new form of carmaking. Using software-led production and site designs that are customised to local needs, the factories can be built anywhere in the world. Once the facilities are installed, they can rapidly assemble low-cost electric vehicles.

The concept applies the McDonald’s franchise model to vehicle production. Helixx supplies the materials, designs, processes, and expertise as a white-label license. The customers then assemble the actual vehicles.

It’s a blueprint that promises rapid results. According to Helixx, the system can take a local business from an empty building to finished vehicles in just 180 days.

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The framework could also ease the green transition in developing regions — the target markets for Helixx. The demo vehicle aims to amplify engagement and feedback from these markets.

Designed for easy assembly and optimum interior load space, the van features a hybrid aluminium chassis. With a 2,100-litre capacity and a 500-kg maximum payload, the vehicle accommodates the bulk of global shipping pallets.

One eye-catching feature is the central driving position. The single-seat design optimises load space, while ensuring compatibility in both left- and right-hand-drive countries.

To minimise manufacturing complexity, a specific ruleset guides the vehicle construction. As a result, the process can be replicated in Helixx mobility hubs. Customers can then integrate white-label designs and localised branding.

Inside the body system, there are five key structural components. All of them “click and bond” together for easy assembly, which also cuts manufacturing costs.

Steve Pegg, the startup’s CEO and co-founder, said the van proved the replicability of the methods.

The demonstrator transforms Helixx from a great idea into a tangible, accessible proposition,” Pegg told TNW.

It also previews the company’s real commercial delivery van. The vehicle is is set to enter production in 2024, alongside a pick-up truck for the construction industry, and two passenger vehicles for ride-hailing fleets. 

Steve Pegg and the four Helixx vehicles