July 12, 2024
Spotify's latest personalized playlist, daylist, evolves with you throughout the day

Spotify is once again adding to its suite of personalized playlists with its newest offering, daylist, an ever-evolving playlist that adapts to your moods throughout the day. The new playlist will live alongside Discovery Weekly, On Repeat, your genre mixes, and other personalized playlists, offering a continually refreshed playlist designed for “every version of you,” the company says.

The playlist will update multiple times throughout the day with new tracks and titles to reflect your day based on your historical engagement with Spotify’s app. For example, if you’ve been listening to upbeat and happy music on certain mornings, you might get a suggestion like “bedroom pop banger early morning,” according to an image of an example of a daylist playlist provided by Spotify.

Image Credits: Spotify

Your daylist may feature other somewhat goofy subtitles like this, including things like “windows down thrillwave thursday evening” or “happy dance energy Friday morning,” Spotify suggests. The feature appears to build upon Spotify’s understanding of music metadata that allowed it to launch Niche Mixes earlier this year. With this feature, users could type in almost any activity, vibe, or aesthetic to get a custom playlist in return. Now, those “vibes” are being matched to your actual Spotify usage to create a one-stop-shop playlist meant to showcase how you like to listen to music throughout your day.

The graphics for your daylist will also adapt throughout the day going from a yellowish sunshine shade on a blue background for the morning, to sunset colors in the evening, to a moonglow at night, then a darker black for late night.

The new playlist additionally includes a built-in sharing feature designed for social that comes with a ready-made screenshot, personalized sticker, or customizable sharecard.

You can also save your daylist to your Library for easy access.

You can find your daylist by searching for the term in Spotify or heading directly to spotify.com/daylist.

Daylist is launching for both free and Premium users in English-speaking marketing, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. It will later expand to more users globally over the months ahead.

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